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What Does Your Handwriting Say About Your Personality?

17 December 2011 No Comment

Handwriting analysis is a technique (similar to body language) used to interpret human behavior in areas such as achievement/work habits, thinking styles and even social skills. The study and analyses of handwriting is called Graphology. A Graphologer may use several characteristics of your handwriting such as the size and shape of letters, the slant, spacing between letters, the margins, words and lines, rhythm, evenness, connective forms, beginning and end strokes and your regular signature to decode your personality. 

Learn a few tricks about how to interpret your own handwriting here:

– Organized-Confuzed. If your handwriting looks organized, into neat paragraphs andHandwriting lines that are parallel to each other, then you are organized. If your handwriting looks confused, then you are confused.

– Size of handwriting. Small handwriting means research-oriented, good concentration, methodical, not always social. Large handwriting- people oriented, outgoing, outspoken, love to entertain and interlock

– Spacing. Good deal of space- you need your freedom, to do things in your own time, don’t like to be overwhelmed or crowed. Very little space- it shows a tremendous about of irritability and constant pressure on yourself.

– Start point. If you started writing from the top of the paper, you are a pretty organized person. You look before you leap. And if you started writing from the centre, you might be a person who likes to be the centre of attention or you are very disorganized.

– Pressure. Heavy, thick lines may denote aggression or frustration. Light, wispy pressure may indicate sadness or overall displeasure with life. An even, flowing pressure shows overall contentedness and flexibility to adjust to just about anything life throws at you.

– g’s, j’s and y’s. Notice how you write your g’s, j’s and y’s as these are indicators of social skills. Do you loop them with a large flourish? This shows that you’re comfortable around people and perhaps a bit of a social butterfly. Straight, angular marks (without loops) reveal that you may not be at ease with the opposite sex, or may have recently gone through a breakup or a painful relationship.

– Curves. The more curves and loops you add to your alphabets, the more artistic you are.

– Space between sentences. Even spacing shows that you’re organized (well, moreHandwriting Say About Your Personality than most people!) and that you manage your time well. If your words seem to get tangled up into the line above or below, it reveals that your ideas or goals have a tendency to fall through due to a lack of planning or outright confusion.

– Slant of lines. Do your lines ascend from left to write? then your in a good mood now! And if the lines go down from left to right, then you might have had a bad day. And if its in no regular order, going up and down, then you are very confused. And if the lines are as straight as an MS Word file… then you are in a neutral mood right now.

– SIGNATURE (this is your public self image) Legible- shows integrity, confidence, leadership, open to show your true self. Not legible- very private person, hard to read or understand. Many celebrities, business tycoons, and political figures have had their signature analyzed by graphologists, and the results are surprisingly insightful.

Handwriting Analysis: The Complete Basic Book

Handwriting Analysis:

The Complete Basic Book

Handwriting Analysis: The Complete Basic Book