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What Does Your Hair Color Say About Your Personality?

31 July 2008 No Comment

Hair color is more than just an element of outward appearance – every shade has a distinct personality. As it turns out, certain personality traits do seem to be associated with hair color and people do sometimes make judgments based on a person’s hair color. Whether we look it or not hair color and personality may be interrelated. What is your hair saying about you?

1. Brunette Hair Color
Brunettes are trustworthy, faithful, even tempered, and clever. Few studies are reallyHair Color and Your Personality able to measure whether brunettes are actually more reliable or dependable than their blonde and red headed counterparts, but no study that’s looked at intelligence and hair color has found an association up to this point. Interesting enough, this stereotype still exists with surveys showing that the vast majority of both men and women consider brunettes to be more intelligent as well as more stable and well grounded. Over half of men report that they find brunettes to be more attractive than their blonde counterparts. Whether or not these stereotypes hold true, the brunette gets credit for a variety of admirable traits.

2. Blonde Hair Color
If there’s one hair color that’s the butt of jokes. Interestingly, the vast majority of blondes come from a bottle which begs the question of whether they’re really blondes or brunettes in disguise. When you look at worldwide statistics, less than one out of fifty people is a natural blonde which makes it a fairly rare hair color. Nevertheless, blondes, whether they’re natural or bottled, tend to be seen as lacking in intelligence and as being more fickle, outgoing, and flighty. Then there’s the old die hard stereotype that gentlemen prefer blondes which has already been called into question based on surveys of men. Seems like blondes have public sentiment stacked against them in some respects, yet women continue to alter their hair color in the belief that “blondes have more fun”.

3. Red Hair Color
Natural redheads are actually more common than natural blondes with one out of everyhair color thirty-three people being a natural redhead, most of them being native to the U.K, Scotland, Ireland, and Australia. They are often credited with having a hot temper. Although no formal study has been done to address how common this trait is in redheads, redheads are probably no more likely to fly off the handle than blondes or brunettes except when someone calls them “Red” or points out their freckles. Interestingly, redheads have been shown to be the most sensitive to pain of all hair colors and often require higher doses of pain medication and anesthesia than blondes or brunettes. The interest in being a redhead seems to be at an all time high with many women turning to hair dyes to get the red haired look.

4. White Hair Color
White hair tends to indicate self-respect and skill (or simply obvious age). If the character is a white-haired, dark-skinned woman, then dignity, skill or power is often implied, but the character is often also emotionally driven and portrayed as a “force of nature”.

While hair color and personality don’t seem to have a strong correlation, it is difficult to determine these personality with the exception of intelligence. It may just be that people who have a certain hair color through chance or by choice tend to adopt the stereotype. This just lends credence to the idea that most people aspire to what other people expect them to be.