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Top 10 Gadgets and Devices that Help You Sleep Better

30 May 2016 No Comment

This revolutionary sleeps technique enables you to sleep better by stopping the nightly struggle. In most cases, sleep devices are safer and less intrusive than medications to treat sleep problems. It also helps you increase energy levels during the day with unique power naps or performance breaks.

Here are some of the main types of sleep devices:

1. Dreamate uses accupressure techniques to gently massage the “sleeping golden triangle” on your leftDreamate
wrist. Used 30 minutes before bedtime, you can retune and reset your biological clock and train your body to relax and sleep. See results in as little as a week’s worth of use, with best results after eight weeks. These precise pressure points, when gently massaged, calm the body, lower stress levels, and induce sleep. Unlike addictive sleeping pills that knock you senseless, but offer little improvement in your sleep quality.

2. CPAP device. One way to treat people who have sleep apnea is a continuous positive airway pressure
(CPAP) device. A CPAP device includes a mask, tubes and a fan. It uses air pressure to push your tongue forward and open your throat. This allows air to pass through your throat. It reduces snoring and prevents apnea disturbances.You should put your CPAP device on whenever you sleep, even for naps. A CPAP device does not cure sleep apnea. But, when you use the device correctly, your sleep problems should get much better.

3. Anti snoring pillow. Anti snoring pillows are available to help stop snoring and to provide comfort while
on your sleep. These are designed in such a way that the central pillow area is thinner than the portions around the edges. With anti snoring pillows, the user’s head is aligned with the spinal column regardless of the sleeping position. This provides for no obstruction on the breathing airway.Anti snoring pillows come in standard sizes and are usually white in color. The fillings may vary, and mainly covered with anti-allergy material.

4.Nasal strips and dilators help open the nasal passages so the user can breathe more freely through the nose rather than the mouth.

5. AeroBed. The brand is all about providing great sleep experiences for both hosts and guests. With the variety of products, providing the latest in air-filled mattress technology for comfort and convenience, consumers rely on AeroBed to be their virtual guestroom.

6. The snore stopper is not one of those medications that has side effects or anything else that can harm your body. This is a very simple gadget that you wear on your wrist at night while you are sleeping that is similar to a watch. With the newest technology around the snore stopper can recognize when you are snoring through the noise generated and then will stimulate the nerves in your wrist, then will cause you to change positions resulting in you stopping snoring. The stimulation on the nerves in your wrist will work with your sub-consciousness and will not wake you or cause any harm to your wrist or body.

7. Sleep software is an application for Mac and PC that creates audio soundtracks that help you to nap during the day or get to sleep at night. The wonderful thing is that you can tailor them to suit you and they’re different every time!

8.. Sleep Shades. Sleep masks, eye masks, or eye shades, whatever you call them, can help provide some comfort. A sleep mask can help you relax your eyes on a plane, in a car, on a bus, or while traveling by any method as a passenger.

9. Room Air Humidifiers. During the heating season indoor air is drier than normal and gets even drier as the temperature falls. This can cause nasal dryness during the daytime as well. You may also find some relief if you use a room air humidifier in your home. The room air humidifier does not help you at night if you are on CPAP because the humidity does not get through the CPAP unit. (CPAP = continuous positive airway pressure ) 9

10.SleepMate . This sleep aid gadget generates white noise by masking the unwanted noise, such as traffic, loud neighbors and the often annoying snoring right next to you. Electric fans and/or televisions have been used to drown these noises out for years, but thanks to this new gadget, this is going to be a thing of the past. 10