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The Left-Handed Advantages and Disadvantages

18 February 2009 10 Comments

    Only about 5% to 30% of people in the world are left-handed. Then again, as many lefties might point out, being left-handed can also offer intellectual prowess. Tests conducted by Alan Searleman from St Lawrence University in New York found there were more left-handed people with IQs over 140 than right-handed people. Famous left-handed thinkers in history from Albert Einstein to Isaac Newton to Benjamin Franklin seem to underline the point. 

As Hopkins says, it may be that left-handed people occupy the extremes when it comes to health and ability.

“The anomaly is left-handed people make up the extremely gifted and the extremely compromised,” said Hopkins. “The rest of us make up the middle ground.”

Lefties Have an Advantage in Some Sports Although lefties usually have to learnLeft-Handed how to use sports equipment differently than right-handed people, they also have advantages. For example, many one-on-one sports (where players face each other) work to the advantage of lefties. That’s because a left-handed fencer (as well as a lefty ping-pong or tennis player) is more accustomed to playing against right handed opponents, whereas the right-handed player is more awkward when facing a lefty contender
Advantages in Learning. A study shows that links between the left and right sides of the brain run faster in left-handed people than in right- handers. Therefore, this rapid transport of data makes lefties better at being mul- ti-tasked than right-handed people.

The disadvantages of being left handed:

– disadvantage: smudges when you write. This is especially difficult when you are using a scantron or something that smudges will destroy. you’ll have to waste time erasing all your smudges.

– disadvantage: it is very hard to use scissors and if you do learn it HURTS if you use them for too long

– disadvantage: if you go to a resturaunt and sit on the right of a right handed person you will

– disadvantages: things like knives and heavy machinary is more dangerous because those things are built for right-handers. you may get hurt

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  • nick said:

    im left handed and im proud of it. I want to excell

  • Justin said:

    I’m a left handed hunter and i get all my shots 100% accurate

  • Anais said:

    Im left handed and im very well-rounded.Im a great artist, my grades are high, my test scores are always high,im great at multi-tasking and sports, my average is 95%(by the way im in middle school in the 6th grade), and i was valedictorian last year. Also, its true about the scissors… using them for too long hurts. And im a girl. :)

  • aiza mae bernabe said:

    I’m left handed… and its really true about using tools and equipments in school…. having hard time of pulling grasses, arm chairs too makes my writing more messy..

  • aiza mae bernabe said:

    let’s fight for our RIGHT… oppps…i mean LEFT…..lol

  • makgobela nc said:

    I’m a left handed and I only find difficulties in handling some stuff

  • Alishba said:

    I am left handed…proud of it…..i dont smudge.Not at all.. but the only two problems i face are that people say lefties live 9 years less than right handed people.. Secondly the tablet desks….
    Anyone has solutions??

  • Rachel said:

    I’m left-handed and sometimes I wonder am I smarter than my righty counterparts. I am a very sucessful person, with God’s help.

  • Lexi said:

    My entire family is right handed and what they Fdont understand is I think differently than they do and how my sister is so smart I’m just smart at my own things like softball and drawing and crocheting and music is like my only escape I wish they could understand that I’m different I my own way but not stupid or mental I have passion and want them to realize I’m not as different as they think! And knowing how many of us that are lefties makes me feel really good inside and knowing I’m a girl it makes me feel even more special because I know not maby women are lefties!!!

  • Jyrah Sorzi said:

    I’m a lefty… But didn’t know that until 2 Weeks ago because a teacher made me change my writing hand when I was little

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