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Successful Techniques for Memorizing

6 February 2008 No Comment

Do you frequently find yourself forgetting things, such as names, dates and phone numbers? You can learn some memorization techniques, which will help you, remember more than you ever thought possible. Remember names the best moment you learn them, recall dates, and still telephone numbers, all at formerly.By learning these memorization techniques, you will discover how to hold onto information instead of constantly having to write things down. These memorization techniques include repeating the information, thinking in pictures and even writing little songs or stories about the information.

These are just a few of the techniques you can use but they will help you memorizeSuccessful Techniques for Memorizing things like you never imagined:

Mnemonic techniques
Mnemonic techniques are specific memory aids. Mnemonics are word games – tools or memory strategies. Mnemonics help store and retrieve information from your long-term memory. They are an occasion to be creative and have some fun while studying.
Mnemonic Strategy:
Acronyms – an acronym is a word that is made up by taking the first letter from each word that you want to remember and make a new word from all those letters. Example: if you wanted to remember the names of the Great Lakes, you could learn the acronym HOMES – Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior
Acrostics – An acrostic is a sentence which is made by taking the first letter from each word or symbol that you want to remember and then insert another word beginning with that same letter. For example, to help you: remember the planets in our solar system the acrostic is: Man Very Early Made Jars Stand Up Nearly Perpendicular.
M = Mercury E = Earth J = Jupiter U = Uranus P = Pluto
V = Venus M = Mars -S = Saturn N = Neptune
Rhymes: Thirty days hath September . . . (months with 30 days)
Step right in, do not be left out. (Movement of blood in and out of the heart)
Alphabet Technique – Identify a word that begins with the same sound as each letter in the alphabet. Associate the word’s image with the thing to be remembered.

Create A Story to Help Memorize
This great memorization technique involve writing a story to help you remember things. If you want to remember these memorization techniques, you might think of a man who goes to the store for a gallon of milk. He keeps repeating the order for milk but the man does not seem to remember where it is. Finally, he shows a picture of milk to the clerk to help him remember what he is supposed to be looking for. Finally, he tells the man a story of how milk is made. Lastly, the man remembers, gives him his gallon of milk and tells the man not to forget to pay for it.

Memorizing through repetition
Successful Techniques for Memorizing
This is probably the one aspect of studying that most people know – and dread. However, even though most of us know that we should have lots of repetition, we do not know how important it actually is. See the sample weekly schedule for an example of how to integrate reviews into a routine schedule. In addition, repetition, in the context of memorization, means different interactions with the new material. In other words, it is more than a simple rereading of notes. It could include making flashcards, talking as you draw your mind maps, and writing lecture summaries.

Think in pictures to memorize
People with photographic memories think in pictures. When trying to remember the number two, for example, they may think of a light switch that has two settings, or they may think of a pack of cigarettes that holds twenty cigarettes to remember the number twenty. Remembering things by thinking in pictures is a great memorization technique that works with many things, especially phone numbers and addresse

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