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Self Defense Tips: Learn How to Protect and Save Your Life

3 September 2013 No Comment

<The right of self-defense (also called alter ego defense, defense of others, defense of a third person) is the right for civilians acting on their own behalf to engage in violence for the sake of self-defense of one’s own life or the lives of others, including the use of deadly force.> Wikipedia

At home:
– Keep your doors locked when you’re home and when you’re not home. Many people don’tSelf Defense Tips think to lock the doors while they are home, but that can be a prime time when home invasions happen.
– Keep a loaded gun in a secret place you can easily reach in alert. Keep yourself within the law. Police don’t like wild cowboys and terminators.
– Don’t leave a extra key hidden in the region of your home. If you must have an extra key, give one to a trusted neighbor or leave it at work.
– Don’t answer the door just because someone knocks. If you don’t know the person, talk to them through the door. Let them know that you see them but that you don’t answer the door for strangers.
– Be watchful how you list your phone number. If you really want it listed, use only your first initial and leave out the street address.
– If you are going out of town, arrange for a trusted neighbor to collect your mail and newspapers. Not only does this eliminate the tell-tale newspaper pile-up, but activity around your home while you are away can help deter a criminal.
– Home alarm systems are great and there are different types, make sure that the alarm system your getting has service that monitors your home and contacts proper authorities when the alarm goes off. Make sure the Alarm Company knows which police department to contact for your jurisdiction. Also make sure to post alarm stickers on your doors it deters home invasions by 80% even if you don’t have an alarm system.

At public:
– Avoid dark, deserted routes, even if they’re the shortest.
– Stay aware of your surroundings. If you see someone that you don’t know approaching you, get in your car and lock the doors, call 911 or shout for help. It’s better to be a little embarrassed by a false alarm than to be sorry you didn’t react.
– If you’re attacked, don’t lose self-control, don’t fall into panic, don’t stop thinking. Fear is one of your most dangerous enemies. The key to successful self-defense is self-control and rational thinking.
– Travel in a group. Criminals are less apt to attack a group of people than an individual.
– Aways have a tool handy – always has something easily and quickly accessible to use as a weapon. Note that I did not say, “Have a weapon accessible” which is not always practical or advisable. I mean, if someone surprises you, there should be something instantly accessible to aid in your defense. It can be a pen, a set of keys, a can of vegetables,an umbrella – A N Y T H I N G.

At ATM machines: Try to utilize them during daylight, when using a drive throughATM machines ATM always check your mirrors to see if someone is around. Don`t forgot: Your life is more valuable than money so give it

At travel:
– When sightseeing ask for directions at the hotel not on the street
– Ask hotel staff what areas to avoid
– Don’t advertise that you are a tourist, do not look lost, walk with purpose. If you do get lost go into a business and ask for directions
– When you find a hotel that meets your standards stick with it
– Use the DO NOT DISTURB sign whenever you are in the room
– Take all credit cards and money with you never leave them in your room
– Do not travel with expensive designer luggage, people assume if you have a bag like that there is something valuable inside.
– Know the countries with high poverty rates and crime. Kidnappings and muggings are most common in these countries.

In the car:
– Always check your car before enteringfollow car
– Never leave your car unlocked, even for the few minutes it may take you to return a video, buy milk and so forth. Attackers have been known to lie in wait for such an opportunity.
– Don’t leave valuables in your car in plain view
– Drive with your windows up and doors locked to avoid unwanted passengers at intersections. To prevent carjacking, lock all doors, even when driving.
– If you are being followed in a car, do not drive home. Drive to a police, fire or gas station, or any other well-lighted area. Remember your horn is a good alarm.