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When it comes to shipping and transporting products, the packaging is an essential part of the sale. When it comes to shipping potentially harmful items such as medication, then the packaging serves an even greater purpose: ensuring the items reach their destination intact, as well as protecting people from the dangers within.
The packaging must be evaluated by a regulatory committee before it can be approved. Once approved, the packaging can then be used. They’re evaluated on several different criteria: regulatory, environmental, and distribution. The regulatory evaluation ensures the packaging meets …

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In January 2013, the Harvard Business Review (HBR) published the results of research into a growing trend in the investment world. The treatise, entitled “Social Impact Investing Will Be the New Venture Capital,” explores the increasing use of venture capital investment funds to implement social changes or to create increased incentives for various activities in the business environment. By adopting this model, private investors can combine their financial resources to support enterprises and industries congruent with their own political and social belief systems. Venture capital funds that cater to these …

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Facebook vs. Google+

The question has dogged Google’s social networking site since its launch in June. The service, on the surface, seems exactly like Facebook: You can share photos and updates with friends, chat with people, follow your friends’ activities, and sort individuals into different groups   based on your relationships with them. Only the vocabulary seems to have changed, with Facebook trafficking in “friend requests” and “likes,” and Google+ in “circles” and “+1s.”
It’s an age old dispute (well, two years old, anyway): which is better, Facebook or Google+? Even here at MakeUseOf, we …

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Tips to find your breathing room – Clear the air!

Aileen Gagney knows what poor indoor air can do to a person’s health. Once, while she was painting in an unventilated bathroom, polyurethane fumes knocked her out for 16 hours, leaving her with permanent sensitivities to chemical odors that give her migraines and breathing difficulties. Gagney, 52, now trains volunteers at the American Lung Association of the Northwest in Seattle to conduct free home checkups, aimed at reducing allergies, asthma, and hidden airborne dangers. “Around October we start getting a lot of calls,” says Gagney. “People shut their windows …

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4  Vital Methods to Cure Chlamydia Pneumoniae

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To remedy  Chlamydia Pneumoniae , you need to know its different signs and symptoms, seek correct diagnosis, think about scientific therapies, and be aware of potential complications. Chlamydia pneumoniae or Chlamydophila pneumonia, is among the three Chlamydia species that are known to be the main cause behind pneumonia in human beings. Chlamydophila pneumonia is more typical than Chlamydia psittaci and Chlamydia trachomatis.
In fact, nearly 3 quarters of men and women may suffer from Chlamydophila pneumonia at some point in their lives, and each year approximately …

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An MBA — that’s a Masters Degree in Business Administration, for those who are unfamiliar with the acronyms and abbreviations commonly used in the educational world — is a highly respected educational degree that shows a person’s commitment to their education. While all college degrees require commitment, effort, and time, an MBA can be especially taxing – which is why finally acquiring one can be so rewarding, and feel so fulfilling. There are several types of MBAs, even in the field of business administration. These days you’ll find that an …

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How to Maintain and Clean Your Air Conditioner

Annual central air conditioner maintenance saves you money by increasing its efficiency and preventing breakdowns. You can complete the chore in an hour.
If you treat your air conditioning system right – even an older AC unit – it gives you years of good air conditioning service and efficient use. However, making your older air conditioner last requires proper operation and maintenance of your system. If you ignore these air conditioner tips, eventually you pay the price for a more costly repair or a brand-new unit.
Air conditioner filters
The most important maintenance …

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How to choose the right AC and get the most from it

There are many factors to consider when choosing an air conditioning unit. Air conditioners vary in price, energy efficiency and cooling capacity. Modern air conditioning units have many advanced features to compare before making a choice.
The type of air conditioner that is right for your home also depends on your room size, window or wall opening, and installation requirements. Research how to buy an air conditioner to choose a unit that will save money and energy while keeping your space cool.
The best ones are efficient, operating on minimal electricity …

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6 Important Guidelines to Prepare a  Trip

Prepare your walking trip  to ensure that you’ve a great stay. You must investigate your destination, set the date of your journey, choose where you want to travel, choose tour bus companies reserve your accommodations, get your hiking supplies, and select what walking trip you need to go on.
To keep yourself from getting overwhelmed with the options ahead of you, these are some techniques for planning a hiking trip :
Study your location
First of all, research the things you should know about your vacation spot. It would be less difficult to narrow …

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Dog owners know it’s inevitable that a curious pooch will occasionally eat something that isn’t food. Puppies are especially prone to this type of behavior, although other dogs may exhibit it due to boredom or compulsion. Dogs ingest all kinds of things from bits of toys they accidentally chew off to human food left in accessible places.
Potentially Harmful Foods and Items
Certain human foods such as onions, garlic, grapes, raisins, chocolate, raw eggs and raw meat, avocados and unbaked dough contain substances that can be hazardous to dogs. Ingestion of human …