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Jealousy – Keep free from this Feeling

24 November 2015 No Comment

One of the most acute problems in couple relationships is jealousy. One of the most complex feelings, it can cause behaviors without judgment. The appearance and installation can lead to endless quarrels jealousy and loss of sense of intimacy. 

To help you build a relationship based on intimacy and honesty and eliminate jealousy in your relationship, we offer some tips.

Young couple holding glasses with champagne and woman looking at them, outdoors, focus on woman with blond hair

Young couple holding glasses with champagne and woman looking at them, outdoors, focus on woman with blond hair

Often jealousy is justified, but sometimes this feeling seems simply devoid of reasoning. Try to ask yourself “Why do I feel this?” An exercise that you might be useful is to tag your feelings as they arise. Disconnect yourself from the situation that caused them and try to figure out whether they are justified. Let r sis might be surprised to realize that actually cause your gelozieie behavior is not your lover, but another problem inside that you have to fix it.
The feeling of jealousy can occur for reasons of the most bizarre and can be designed simply on your partner. Before you reveal your lover these feelings, try to explore your own problems.

We have to admit: comparing each of us, at least once, with our partner ex-girlfriend with his colleagues at work or with friends. In most cases, this causes a drop in the level of self-esteem and appearance of jealousy. Try to help each other and talk about things that you love one another and learn to appreciate every positive gesture. For a relationship to work better, it is important that criticized the lack of productivity to be removed during the discussions and Positive assessments to be more present.

The most important thing in a relationship has to be communication. Only by this method every problem can find its resolution, and you and your partner can be sure that you have the same expectations. Do not suppress your feelings, because you get to have a passive-aggressive behavior that will not help in any way your relationship. Talk openly about things that bother them and learn not to judge your partner’s feelings.

Another thing is equally important to know your own limits, things that upset and causing this feeling of jealousy. So after their establishment you can start working with them and resolve them. But it is vital to talk about these limits or annoying things with your partner.

Because we are different people, there might have and different ways to express love to your partner. When your love language differs from the different partners, we can feel the appreciation and can occur without fear of being replaced, which inevitably leads to jealousy.

Whether it is through small gestures, tender touches, gifts or whatever, love can be expressed in many ways. Try to determine which are the languages ​​of practicing love you and your partner and demonstrated your love so that each of you two to feel appreciated and understood.

If you feel that is too much work and you can not handle by itself, the therapy is always a suitable solution, that will help you get over some bottlenecks and build a relationship based on intimacy and understanding.

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