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How to Turn Junk Food to Healthy Food

29 February 2012 No Comment

Junk food, otherwise called fast food is found inviting and tasty by many and without realizing the negative effects that it brings about enjoy it to the extreme and then regret the consequences. Some of the various effects eating junk food are heart diseases which can happen due to the presence of the excessive cholesterol content present in these foods, diabetes, high blood pressure due to the salts that are added for taste, cancers as there are many preservatives and artificial flavors added to them, etc.

When a person consumes too much junk food, it is likely that these harmful substances present in them can bring about stroke or heart attack which can prove to be fatal. It is therefore important for one to understand the upshots that are in store and then act with the right intellect. It is always best to stay away from the junk food as much as possible but if you are already addicted to it, there are ways by which you can enjoy a tasty meal as well as stay safe from the side effects. Here are some.

  • The most important thing is to make sure that you really want to avoid the ill effects of the junk food and work on it honestly.
  • Take time to find out the different junk foods that do not contain too much of preservatives and artificial flavors. List them down and get used to eating it.
  • The regular spaghetti which is usually full of carbohydrates fats are harmful to one’s health and hence can be substituted by the spaghetti made of whole grain. These are not only safe but healthy too. You can gain the required fiber for the proper metabolic function of the body.
  • It is advisable for one to switch over to fresh fruit juices instead of colas. This is because a single cola contains as much as ten teaspoons of sugar which when taken all at once may cause enough damage to the health. But when you drink fresh fruit juices, you will feel healthier as they are highly nutritious.
  • Avoid eating meat and chicken from restaurants as they mainly contain cancer causing preservatives. It is therefore best to have non vegetarian stuff prepared at home as in a protein diet plan.
  • If you are crazy of desserts, you can have them by preparing them yourself at home as an alternative for eating it at a fast food restaurant. If you prepare them yourself you can decrease the amount of sugar or even use the diet sugar which is less in calories. This can help you from gaining weight.