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How to Pick up a Prescription

22 February 2013 No Comment

Picking up a prescription can certainly prove to be an awkward task for many people, this is especially true for anyone that is suffering from thePick up a Prescription effects of a prolonged condition or who is still dealing with the repercussions of an operation or illness. Similar issues can also be presented for those of us who suffer from mobility issues. Aside from these extenuating circumstances there is also the time frame that many people find hard to work around, so many people have such busy schedules, particularly during peak hours, that they simply cannot find the time to make an appointment at their doctors surgery or even to get a prescription repeated. No doubt anyone who has a full time job or family, or even both can relate to the hassle involved with trying to free up some time during the week.

It seems that now those of us who visit the local pharmacy for their prescription are far more likely to receive a faster and more efficient service than those that go via the doctors surgery. Inevitably making and attending appointments is something that slows the whole process down, granted sometimes it is necessary to see a doctor, but not if you just need a repeat prescription. Not only is it time consuming going to see a doctor first but it also means that you have to travel to the pharmacy after the appointment, although they are usually near by in the majority of cases.

Luckily there are now alternative methods for anyone wishing to pick up a prescription and these present a far more convenient and less time consuming option. This is especially true for anyone that suffers from limited mobility due to either a condition that means they are unfit to drive, or walk for long distances. For anyone who falls into this category many pharmacies now offer a delivery service, this can be extremely helpful for people who are vulnerable in the community. Furthermore by choosing to collect your prescription from the pharmacy a patient can minimise the amount of paper work involved and arrange a collection time or delivery time that is suitable for them.

As mentioned earlier repeat prescription are probably one of many annoying factors involved with having a prolonged or ongoing condition. And it is simply not practical for a patient to have to set time aside every week to see a doctor just for a repeat prescription, although in some cases the doctor may need to monitor the effects medication is having. These appointments can be even less convenient is someone has moved house and hasn`t changed surgery yet, although having medication sent to a pharmacy in a more suitable location can prove very useful.