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How to Make an Aphrodisiac Perfume for Valentine’s Night?

9 February 2009 No Comment

 Perfumes have a strong impact on human mind. It regulates sexual behavior, emotional responses, reduces stress and also affects memory. Making homemade aphrodisiac perfumes would be very special and romantic. Traditional perfume was looked at magical love potion. So, with Valentine’s Day approaching, why not use the wonderful aromas of essential oils, some of which have reputed aphrodisiac properties, to create the right sort of atmosphere and spice up your love life?

Remember it is important that both of you enjoy the smells you are creating, so whensmell1.jpg you blend these perfumes have your partner in mind as well as you so that you create is essence that you can both enjoy.

Blend 1 — 3 drops bergamot essential oils, 2 drops of sweet orange essential oils and 1 drop sandalwood with jasmine floral water as a base.

Blend 2 — 2 drops clary sage essential oils, 3 drops of lavender essential oils and 1 drop of patchouli essential oils with rose floral water as a base. Lavender is not an aphrodisiac but is added to make the fragrance more mellow. It can be a relaxing and emotionally uplifting scent.

Blend 3 — 2 drops lemon, 2 drops petitgrain and 3 drops rosemary with neroli floral water as a base.

How to make aphrodisiac perfumes:

Mix all the oil with the base and store the blends in a 50 ml bottle with an atomizer.

How to use aphrodisiac perfumes:

When essential oils add to the water. The oils will remain on the top so remember to shake well before use.

Here is a list of some of the essential oils thought to have aphrodisiac properties:

Jasmine has long been recognized as one of the most precious of essential oils. With asmell2.jpg heady and exquisite, emotionally warming aroma, this oil is uplifting and confidence boosting.

Rose is one of the most favourite perfumes of all time (Cleopatra is said to have added rose petals to her bath), and is still used widely by today’s perfume industry. Rose essential oil has a deep, floral, romantic aroma that both soothes and uplifts.

Sandalwood has a sweet woody fragrance with meditative and sensual properties. This oil blends well with rose, lavender, frankincense and basil. Sandalwood is also expensive, as the tree from which it is largely obtained (Santalum album) is now endangered: so it’s best to think twice before using this oil.

Here are details of a few, more reasonably priced essential oils:

Ylang-ylang has an aroma similar in many ways to that of jasmine (it is sometimes called ‘poor man’s jasmine’); it is a sweet floral, exotic oil with a heady fragrance.

Patchouli has been used as an aphrodisiac since ancient times, and more recently underwent a resurgence of popularity during the ‘flower power’ era of the 1960s. It has a strong, earthy and spicy, pervasive aroma, which appeals to both men and women. Patchouli blends well with frankincense, geranium, lavender and clary sage.

Clary sage has a nutty, lingering fragrance with subtle fruity overtones that is relaxing, sensual and euphoric. (Do not use if trying to conceive or pregnant.)

Vanilla – a sweet smelling essential oil with a subtle aphrodisiac effect.

A number of essential oils obtained from spices are also associated with aphrodisiac properties, including black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and ginger. All are stimulating, warming oils, with rich spicy aromas.