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How to Discover Your Dream Type

24 August 2013 No Comment

Dream researchers have discovered some different categories of dreams. These dream categories can be very useful both to people attempting to interpret their own dreams and to professional psychologist and therapists striving to interpret the dreams of others.

Here are several types of dreams:
Dream Type

  • Precognitive/Prophetic Dreams  These are dreams that predict the future. One rational theory to explain this phenomenon is that our dreaming mind is able to piece together bits of information and observation that we normally overlook or that we do not seriously consider. In other words, our unconscious mind knows what is coming before we consciously piece together the same information.There are two common types of precognitive dreams – symbolic and literal. Earthquakes in a literal dream would portend an actual earthquake, while in a symbolic dream they would symbolize great changes coming.
  • Lucid Dreams  These are vivid dreams where the dreamer realizes that they’re dreaming, and can then take control of the dream and manipulate it, affecting it is progress. A lot of people do dream work and healing with this type of dream.
  • Nightmare  A nightmare is a disturbing dream that causes the dreamer to wake up feeling anxious and frightened. Nightmares may be a response to real life trauma and situations. Nightmares may also occur because we have ignored or refused to accept a particular life situation. Research shows that most people who have regular nightmares have had a family history of psychiatric problems, bad drug experiences, people who have contemplated suicide, and/or rocky relationships. Nightmares are an indication of a fear that needs to be acknowledged and confronted. It is a way for our subconscious to make up take notice.
  • Answer / Information Dreams  Self-explanative, these dreams deliver answers or information to questions or queries that have been on our minds. You can ask specifically for an answer to come to you in a dream. I do this alot with stellar success.
  • Epic Dreams Epic dreams are so huge, so compelling, and so vivid that you cannot ignore them. The details of such dreams remain with you for years, as if your dreamt it last night. These dreams possess much beauty and contain many archetypal symbologies.
  • Healing Dreams Healing dreams serve as messages for the dreamer in regards toDream Type their health. Many dream experts believe that dreams can help us avoid potential health problems and help us to heal when we are ill. Our bodies are able to communicate to us through our dreams to “tell” us that something is not quite right with our bodies even before any physical symptoms show up. Dreams of this nature may be telling the dreamer that he/she needs to go to the dentist or doctor.
  • Recurring Dreams  Recurring dreams repeat themselves with little variation in story or theme. These dreams may be positive, but most often they are nightmarish in content. Dreams may recur because a conflict depicted in the dream remains unresolved or ignored. Once you have found a resolution to the problem, your recurring dreams will cease.
  • Sexual Dreams  Sex dreams are an emotional release. Either about your sexual feelings themselves or about other feelings you may have with something. Something that would cause you to feel “passionate” about an issue and this is the method that it is coming out in.  Sexual dreams are not about sex exclusively.