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How to be a Smart Food Shopper Without Being Cheap

24 August 2013 No Comment

Rent , Vehicle and Food are usually the biggest expenses that we have to deal with every month. Moreover, while you can live without a car, food you definitely cannot live without. Let’s see how you can reduce your grocery bill by becoming a smart shopper.

  1. Buy vegetables, fruits, and meats “in-season” when they are cheapest and mostHow to be a Smart Food Shopper without Being Cheap nutritious and preserve them yourself. Freezing and dehydrating are easy, canning takes a little more work. Even in the grocery store, there is always something locally grown in the produce section as seasons come and go.
  2. Buy generic “store” brands which are always cheaper and taste the same. The colourful packaging doesn’t mean higher quality of the product, don’t fall for the famous brands, they are not always the best.
  3. Shop with a Price Book and stock up on sales – A price book is a portable list of items you normally purchase, and the average price you pay for them at your store/stores To give you an example – at one of our stores last week we found cans of vegetables for .28 cents, which is a major bargain in our area. We bought as many of them as we could store and use in our home.
  4. Bulk shopping. Bulk food is always cheaper and it also save you gas and time, since you don’t need to drive to the store often to buy it. Try to concentrate on non-perishable items. A good idea is to repack bulk foods into smaller packages when you get home. If you are buying perishables, freeze them.
  5. Eat vegetarian twice a week- There are so many choices, such as Cheese Dishes (omelettes, mac & cheese); vegetarian pizza, or homemade bread (bread maker), salads and soups.
  6. Take the time to do prep work instead of buying convenience. It saves a ton ofHow to be a Smart Food Shopper without Being Cheap money, especially if you have one spouse who is home more than the other. Dried beans instead of canned, whole vegetables instead of frozen stir-fry mixes, etc
  7. Like to garden? A garden is a super way to save money on food. Plant your own garden or raise a couple of animals. Start small and work your way up as the daily time requirements of tending a garden or taking care of animals can be overwhelming. The rewards are great and most people find working in the garden to be a good way to relieve stress. Even if you’re living in an apartment ten stories off the ground, you can grow a tomato or pepper in a container.
  8. Make a list before you do to the grocery and stick to it. Don’t go to the grocery store hungry or you will buy more high calorie items that look good to you. If you’re hungry, consider buying just a protein bar and sit down to eat it before starting to shop. Shop early and shop alone. Little helpers can really slow down your shopping and add items to your cart that are not on list. Treat yourself by buying extra items for the pantry or freezer that are on sale. Don’t forget to pick up toiletries on sale, too.
  9. Save time by cooking times 3 or 4. One meal for today, one for the refrigerator and 1 or 2 for the freezer. Having meals in the freezer is an excellent way to break the calling of fast food restaurants. Skipping a fast food restaurant is a great way to save money on food.
  10. Avoid recreational eating – Most Americans are very overweight. Keep yourself away from the buffet table to avoid recreational eating as this may result in overeating.

Don`t forgot: Food costs money. Food costs time. Food costs health. Food costs sickness.