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How Much Lying about Eye Color?

21 June 2013 No Comment

“Green eyes never to believe them” says an old Romanian proverb whose roots seem to have a strong grain of truth.

Over time, people have tried to identify which are the most prone to lie often, according to several characteristics.

And eye color is one of the features of the body, according to the beliefs and traditions of the people, would betray exactly how much a person mind. So, in what follows, we will see how much mind a man, according to eye color.

The most common eye colors are brown (brown eyes), blue and green. However, there are a number of other colors, rare it is true, rare in humans,lying about eye color such as purple, gold, gray and black.

Brown eyes

People with brown eyes are considered to be quite honest. Their eyes betray simplicity and inability to completely want to hide the truth. People with brown eyes looks like it just needs big lie unless you really have a specific reason to do so.

Gray eyes

Although this eye color is quite rare, it is one of the most analyzed in old habits. Thus, people with gray eyes are thought to be pure people trying to stay as far away may lie. These people can even get in trouble because of the simple fact that large do not lie.

Blue eyes

People with blue eyes are more likely to lie to get what they want. People with blue eyes lie not hurt you but to describe otherwise than they are. Compared to people described above, people with blue eyes are pretty liars and sometimes come to believe in what you say about yourself, although not true.

Yellow Eyes

People with golden eyes are thought to be liars for profit. They are the ones that fit best in saying “the eyes are the gate of the soul”, considering that most of his life pursuing wealth and gold.

Green eyes

People with green eyes are considered more pars than liars. They lie for fun and really some of the best liars are people in the world. For such people, the mind is a kind of life many times. Are considered to be quite dangerous, since they have an unsuspected ability to remember almost all the lies they say, is very hard to be disclosed. Basically, it says that people with green eyes are just honest with themselves and why they like to play with the world, causing intrigue with various inventions and lies.

Violet eyes

People with violet eyes are quite rare and are thought to be liars occasion. They speculate about any opportunity that life offers them and if they can not profit by following naturally resort las lie. However, people with violet eyes are quite careful not to hurt anyone with their lies, unlike people with green eyes have scruples.

Black eyes

People with completely black eyes and they meet rarely. Are characterized as straight people can read a man’s soul and just because this seems cadets lie. I know how to keep secrets and know how to avoid being put in the sity to have to lie. Because almost always tell the truth often suffer, since not everyone likes the naked truth.