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Body Language Signs: How can you be a Veritable Human Lie Detector Machine

17 August 2012 No Comment

The article reader will learn how to recognize the body signals and signs of lying or body language, and to detect the inconsistencies of the liars.

Where would be you if you do not lie?

Already tried to imagine what would be your life if you never lie? If all that left your mouth were not only the plain truth, very naked and without artifice? Undoubtedly would be you only, without friend, perhaps with the street, and in any case in a not very enviable social position. You recall of the last time that you lied? Even a very small lie? In fact, if you think of it well, your last modifier with the truth undoubtedly does not go back to so a long time. There is not to have shame of it. It should be known that the lie is usually used in the life of day by day, because it makes it possible to put oil in the social wheels. I will say evenLie Detector Machine more, the lie is an ingredient necessary to the community life. The majority of people do not like to see ascender a brutal truth and potentially wounding. These lies are made for the good cause, and make more although of evil. Unfortunately, there are also the malevolent lies, intended to serve the interest of that which utters them. Deceptions, swindles, swindle, trickery, etc belong to this category. These, it would be interesting to know to detect them to protect itself some. How to know if you are lied? If your children tell you tall stories? If the type which tries to sell to his car to you hides you a defect in the engine? And well that then, but what a coincidence! It is precisely that about which I will speak now (the life makes the things well)!

Body signals of the lie

Most important, when one seeks to detect the lie, it is to know to recognize the body signals characteristic of the fraud. It should be known that to lie is not an act pain-killer. In general, to utter a lie causes certain a faintness and is accompanied consequently by body signals characteristic more or less pronounced according to the importance of the lie, and the training of the liar. Not need to be a lie detector for reconnoiter those which “cannot lie”. If it is easy to control its words, for example by repeating its text in advance, it is more complex to control its body language. Consequently, the signals of fraud are to be sought in the language of the body, on the face, in the movements of the hands and the feet. Here a panel of these signals. Attention however, it is necessary to regard these elements as a unit, and not individually. Each element in oneself does not mean that there is signs of lying. On the other hand, if you manage to detect several of these signals at your interlocutor, there are good lucks so that it is telling you a tall story.

Autocontact of the hand to the face: When we discuss with somebody, it is able to us to be touched the face. But when we lie, this tendency increases in a spectacular way. The movement more the current is the hand which covers the mouth, follow-up of the hand which touches the nose. Have already considering a child to lie itself? Then you surely noticed that it was very bad liar, and easily locatable. The children who lie often have the reflex to awkwardly plate the hand on the mouth, and it is a gesture well too obvious to be credible. While growing, one learns how to be more discrete, but the basic movement remains the same one. The hand rises, and scrapes the corner of the mouth, or rubs the upper lip, etc. In its book the key of the gestures, Desmond Morris advances the explanation which the brain, which tests of the embarrassment, gives the order to theLie Detector Machine hand to cover the mouth to prevent the untrue words from leaving, and this is why the movement is started “to muzzle” the liar. However, this movement does not prevent the lie from being uttered, but the gesture is made. Another great classic is the hand which touches the nose. Often, the movement of the hand to touch the mouth is started, but remains incomplete. The others gestures of autocontact used by the liars, though less frequently are the hand which cherishes the chin, which passes in the hair, which rubs the cheek, and which cherishes the ear. If your interlocutor scrapes the chin that does not mean inevitably that, it lies. But if you observe a multiplication of the autocontacts of this type, you know that attention should be paid.

To learn how to recognize the body language

As I said, it is not used for nothing to consider each signal individually, because it makes in fact part of a total posture. But if you managed to detect at the same time two or three signals of fraud at your interlocutor, then you would make well be wary. I can give you several recommendations for better detecting these signals in body language. Firstly, arrange so that the body language of your interlocutor can be expressed without constraint. If the potential liar carries a cumbersome object when it speaks, or if it is inserted in a deep sofa, its parasitic gestures will be much less visible than if it is upright opposite you. Then, you must even be under good conditions to decipher its gestures for signs of lying. You imagine well that one will be able to tell you the coarsest lie while raising the gesticulation most visible, there are few chances that you realize of anything if you listen of inattentive ear a while looking at the tele one (hold, still a reason to balance it). Be available and attentive, by having a total sight on the body of your interlocutor. Thus, you will increase your chances to locate interfering signals. Finally and especially, involve to decipher the body language. With the base, certain people are more perspicacious than others, but nothing is never final. The women hold an undeniable advantage besides, because they are in general much more gifted to decode the gestures language. If you discover that one often lies you, and that you realize there only very seldom, perhaps would be necessary it to pay more attention to those which surround you?

Locate the inconsistencies in the speech

 By definition, a liar will hold you a speech different from reality to mislead you on body language. However, in the majority of the cases, a history invented will not be as complete as reality itself, and will contain inevitably certain inconsistencies, which will enable you to discover the pot with the roses[. According to cases’, the speech of the liar will be more or less well prepared. For example, a completely impromptu lie will contain many gaps, redundancy, lapses of memory, contradictions, etc. On the other hand, a lengthily repeated lie will be much more credible, and you will need sometimes much gumption to uncover trickery. Will be able to also locate the too prepared explanations. The liars tend to output all the speech which they had prepared without same as one asked them nothing. If your spouse launches out in a long diatribe to justify a delay of a few minutes, keep it with the eye. Here some techniques to detect the inconsistencies in a speech: Confront the liar with reality: This method is certainly most direct and most effective. For example, let us suppose that your son claims to spend the night in a friend, and imagine that the evening even, this same friend invites to take his news. Then you will know that something bell, and you will have the right to require frank explanations on behalf of the faulty one. It is what is called an obvious offense. Ask details: Sometimes if a liar with prepared a credible speech on the surface, it is enough to scrape a little to discover nonsenses. For example, if your partner returns late while presenting meeting which is perpetuated, whereas you have good reasons to think that it passed after midday in gallant company, you could ask “Then, how did do this meeting? You were numerous? Is reached to you to an interesting result? Was Roger there? His wife had said to me that it was sick these last times etc.” If the aforementioned partner seems to reflect before giving an answer, if it posts a reserve has to tell you his meeting, if it tries at all costs to change subject, or if it is muddled in incoherent and not very clear explanations, you would make well be on your guards. Attention, it is not a question to project a salvo of question to all goes. If your interlocutor has the impression to undergo a interrogation, it will be directed, and you will not obtain any valid result.. Learn how to proportion, to push the liar in his cuttings off, without letting it explode.

Make repeat:
To require of a liar to repeat a part of its speech can be an excellent means of flushing out of them the inconsistencies, in particular for an impromptu lie. This technique goes only if the speech is rather long. For example, “my portable was discharged, I could not call you” is not appropriate. On the other hand, if your liar progressively invents details with his history to answer your requests for precise details, inevitably a moment ago or it goesLie Detector Machine emperors. To benefit from it, ask undermines anything to him to repeat a sentence which it pronounced a few front seconds. You can for example play the thoughtless one who forgot a detail “Wait, forgives me, you said well to the moment that…? Not, for nothing, it was to be sure to have included/understood well.” If the liar invented his lie on the blow, it is probable that it forgets a part of what he told. With you to benefit from it to push it to contradict itself. “to me, you Say said me well that…, this is not? Then why you have just announced the opposite to me?”

No the open point:
Certain people do not test too much remorse when they lie by omission, when they “forget” to clarify certain points, remain in vagueness and give little information. On the other hand, they test more difficulty of lying “frankly” (if I dare statement) by supporting a false assertion openly. If you detect a zone of shade in the speech of your interlocutor, try to clear up it by putting closed questions. For example, if you decided to buy a car with a private individual while passing by the small advertisements, you will want to know if the vehicle is in good condition. If you ask the owner “How is this car?”, it will have only few scruples to answer you that it is an excellent mechanics, reliable and robust, even if it knows pertinently that the radiator flees. On the other hand, if you ask to him whether it can ensure you that no part requires to be changed, it will surely think on it of twice before lying also shamelessly. Always formulate your questions so that the lies to answer it are largest possible. Because the larger the lie is, more easily it is detectable.

Use the bluff:
Here a particularly machiavelic technique to detect a lie or signs of lying. It is a question of confronting the liar with a difficult situation, while making him believe that he is uncovered. For example, if your spouse affirms “I passed the evening with Robert”, you can rhetoric naively “Hold, it is odd, but then why Robert it invited yesterday evening to take your news?”. Of course, you know very although Robert did not call, simply, you put the liar in the embarrassment. It will realize that it made a boob, and will surely emperors itself in explanations twisted to explain the inconsistency of its remarks. A council however: do not be too peremptory when you bluffer, because if it occurs that you were mistaken, and that the presumed lying one said the truth, you would be in bad posture. O