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Hair Whitening

8 August 2016 No Comment

What is the reason our hair goes gray or even worse it goes white? Some of us will experience this at a certain age. A very few remain with the natural color of their hair, mostly the black haired ones.

Perhaps one of the top reasons can be the modern lifestyle, the stress, genetics, hormones, thyroid problems, smoking, certain Hair Whiteningmedical condition, the exposure to chemical products, aging, etc.

The first white strand is an alarm to anyone because it is the evidence that there will be more to follow. White hair occurs frequently in your 40s, but there are many that experienced white hair in their early 30s or even 20s. This is for sure premature graying.

Both gray and white hair is the result of a hair that is losing its pigment. First is turns gray when there is a few pigment left and in the end turns white when no pigment is left. The causes of white and gray are still a mystery.

Many people have a deficiency of melanin and this can be the cause behind hair whitening. Melanin depends on proper nutrition and protein supplements. If there is a lack of these, melanin levels can fall below what is acceptable for your body.

You can also take into consideration the extrinsic factors such as changes to your hair color, climate, pollution, etc. Hydrogen peroxide released by hair follicles gets accumulated and bleaches hair and causes the gray or even the white color.

What you can do in order to fight against hair whitening?

Get an adequate life style, eat properly, check the thyroid levels, quit smoking, load up antioxidants (especially fresh fruits and vegetables) and take vitamin B12. Vitamin B12, also called cobalamin, is a water-soluble vitamin that contains the biochemically rare element cobalt.

”True wisdom is born with white hair.”