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Good morning tips: 7 Powerful Ways to Start a New Day

6 January 2012 No Comment

I believe there are many ways to start your new day. Morning is the time when our mind is rested and anything learned during this time gets into our memory. Also shocking incidents in the morning can change the work flow of the entire day.

Here are some smart ways to start a new day:

1. Wake up at the same time new-day

You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to face the morning if your body automatically wakes itself up. If you’re alarm clock dependent then you need to make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Get into a routine of going to bed and waking up at the same time — your body will thank you for it! Also try setting your stereo as an alarm you can lull yourself awake with your favorite tunes.

2. Stretch in the Shower

The hot water will loosen up your muscles, so it’s easier to get a good stretch. The act of stretching will help to release stored tension and enable you to start the day feeling more relaxed, at peace, and ready to handle what comes your way.

3. Eat a healthy low-fat, high-fiber breakfast

For those of you who start the day on a bagel and coffee, read this! Breakfast is known as ‘the most important meal of the day’ for a very good reason: a healthy meal in the morning can balance your blood sugar levels and give you the sustenance you need to handle physical and mental stress. Without it, you will be less resilient, both physically and mentally. Be sure to have plenty of protein and fruit, not just caffeine and empty calories!

4. Drink Green Tea

Sipping a warm cup of tea is a soothing activity that will help you prepare for the day ahead and feel nurtured. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants, so it’s a delicious and healthy lifestyle choice.

5. Get at least five minutes of physical activity

My choice is jumping rope. Gets the blood flowing. Jump starts (pun intended) the metabolism.

6. Focus on the importantmorning2

Don’t just write a task list every morning — we all know that it’s possible to work hard all day long and not really accomplish anything.

Spend 10 minutes and think about the following:

What you have to do today

What you’ve been putting off doing

What you’d like to do today

7. Review your day.

At the end of every day, spend a few minutes looking back on what you did, what went wrong, what you can improve on, and what you will do differently. Review your One Goal, and the progress (or lack thereof) you’ve made on it. No day is perfect, but you should learn from mistakes and celebrate successes. A journal would be a great way to capitalize best on this daily review.