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Foods of Love: Aphrodisiac Foods that Improve Your Sex Life

20 June 2013 No Comment

An aphrodisiac food is one that is believed to stimulate the sex drive and improve sexual performance. Aphrodisiac foods have been used as far back as the Greeks and the Romans to increase sexual powers.
An aphrodisiac food can be suggestive, rather than cause a physical sexual reaction. In fact, many believe that some aphrodisiac foods increase and stimulate sexual desire and performance by the suggestive nature of the food and the ritual surrounding the food presentation.
In using food aphrodisiac the effect is not usually instant (rapid effect may be cause by smell or certain chemicals), so in order to obtain the benefit of it is aphrodisiac it is better to include them in daily diet.

Here are a 10 foods that have been considered aphrodisiacs at one time orAphrodisiac Foods another:

1. Chocolate. For an simple pleaser, try a rich chocolate dessert to inspire your lust. Whether it is the serotonin in chocolate that gets you going or merely the sensual pleasure of eating it, chocolate has been celebrated throughout the ages as a sexual stimulant. The Aztecs considered it the food of the gods; tribal leaders consumed it in mass quantities to keep them going with hundreds of sex partners.

2. Chili peppers: “Capsaicin,” a chemical that stimulates our nerve endings and raises our pulse, is responsible for the “heat” in chili peppers. This aphrodisiac food is also thought to release endorphins, which give our bodies a natural high. Some researchers believe that is the case with all “hot” foods. Garlic is another example of these aphrodisiac foods.

3.Red wine. Red wine is one of the most potent sources of the antioxidant known asAphrodisiac Foods resveratrol. According to researchers from Northwestern University, this powerful antioxidant actually increases estrogen production, leading to a heightened sexual appetite. That means she may just want to skip right to you for dessert. Be careful: Too much wine, too fast, can lead to drowsiness, and the dreaded, “Not tonight, I’m too tired,” line.

4.Carrots. Another good reason to eat carrots – believed to be a stimulant to the male. The phallus shaped carrot has been associated with stimulation since ancient times and was used by early Middle Eastern royalty to aid seduction. Carrots have high vitamins and beta-carotene.

5.Figs. An open fig is thought to emulate the female sex organs and traditionally thought of as sexual stimulant. A man breaking open a fig and eating it in front of his lover is a powerful erotic act. Serve fresh Black Mission figs in a cool bowl of water as it is done in Italy and be sure to eat with your fingers!

6.Truffles. The Greeks and the Romans considered the rare Truffle to be an aphrodisiac. Black truffles are popular through fall and winter and may last even longer. White truffles might only be on the menu for one month in late fall.The musky scent is said to stimulate and sensitize the skin to touch.

7.Ginseng. Find this aphrodisiac in its many forms at grocery stores on Chinatown. It isGinseng known to be especially powerful for men and can be consumed directly as a dried root or cooked into soups, teas and meat dishes. Add bits of fresh root or ginseng powder when cooking rice to infuse the starch with an earthy, bitter-sweet flavor–then brace yourself for the full effect.

8.Honey. Many medicines in Egyptian times were based on honey including cures for sterility and impotence. Medieval seducers plied their partners with Mead, a fermented drink made from honey. Lovers on their “Honeymoon” drank mead and it was thought to s “sweeten” the marriage.

9.Avocado: The vitamin B6 contained in the avocado is said to increase male hormone production. The avocado also contains potassium which aids in regulating the female thyroid gland. A note about the avocado: the Aztecs called the avocado tree a “testicle tree” because they thought the fruit hanging in pairs on the tree looked like male testicles.

10.Bananas. The banana flower has a marvelous phallic shape and is partiallyAphrodisiac Foods responsible for popularity of the banana as an aphrodisiac food. An Islamic myth tells the tale that after Adam and Eve succumbed to the “Apple” they started covering their “nudity” with banana leaves rather than fig. From a more practical standpoint bananas are rich in potassium and B vitamins, necessities for sex hormone production.

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