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Fight Gear Buying Tips

13 July 2014 No Comment

The flattering cut and pattern plus just the right fit are what you ought to look for in plus size clothing so you can look your best. There are only a few things about plus size womens clothing you have to consider when you’re shopping around for women’s plus size clothing.
Basically, choose the fight gear that will make you look longer or taller visually. This could be done with vertical stripes, low necklines and others. Choose clothes according to your body type so as to enhance your features aesthetically.

Let’s start with the pants. There are many different cuts in pants and some of them would look really excellent on larger women and mma-shorts2some just don’t. Wide leg pants that are boot cut are the most flattering because they look proportionally excellent for your map. Stay away from pants that peter out downward such as skinny pants.
There is a reason these pants are called skinny. They are meant to make skinny people look fuller. Count more volume is not the kind of balance plus size women need. You can choose long skirts that flow outward to cover some of your curves but ones that shorter ones such as A-line skirts also work well in emphasizing a fuller and curvier map. Try to keep the skirt length no shorter than the mid section of your knee. This type of skirt gives you a leaner look and visually better proportion. If you want to go for a full dress, maxi dresses can hide your hips and your thighs and at the same time allows your legs more room for movement. When choosing a dress, go for ones that have low V necklines and perhaps the back as low as right above the bra line. You can wear your hair up to place more accent on your neck area.
The nape is really one of the best assets of a woman and is often overlooked. Plus size women with plus size womens clothing have the advantage of showing this sensual feature more strikingly than women of other sizes. Wrap dresses with low v-necks also look flattering and dressier for more formal occasions. You can wear a black tube inside a wrap dress with a neckline that reaches below your bust or right above your waist. This matching adds more vertical lines and visually breaks up a chest that you reckon may look too wide. Keep the sweaters that would sit closely on your waistline on the rack! These are not for you. These would make you look blocky and that’s exactly what you don’t want.