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27 June 2016 No Comment

The meaning is in tight with a certain behavior of an individual not with the individual itself, nor with the FEEDBACKperson. It is the way to gain a response to a certain action. But you must be aware of the fact you should not criticize and moreover you should not assess. There no room for assessing in what feedback is concerned. Advice is not necessary when feed backing.

There is a circular way of function. First there is the first system that influences the second one and so on and so forth and then it becomes a chain. This is what makes reasoning base on cause and effect and can be very tricky.

Why one is waiting for a feedback?  Practically what is expected is the information about the gap between the actual moment and the reference moment, nothing else. So, basically you have to know what happened during the gap and further more at the actual moment are there any chances to fulfill the gap?

There are two types of feedback, positive and negative and as you can very easy determine the positive one means happy while the negative means unhappy (upside down) and of course with the whole range of meanings for different areas of activities. Sometimes the loop can contain mixture of positive and negative, so it cannot be always only black or only white, it has to have grey at sides.

Biological systems have bipolar feedback which means that the positive and negative interact and the output of one affects the input of the other and vice versa.

When there are only two parts each one affects the other and the properties of the feedback give important information about the properties of the whole. But when the parts are let us say four, if everyone affects the other three, then twenty circuits can be traced through them; and knowing the properties of all the twenty circuits does not give the complete information about the system.

So, to get to the bottom of the problem the idea is that best feedback is given when only two parts are involved. More than two parts involved means no real feedback.

Qui rogat, non errat.