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Exercising Regularly Makes You A Better Boss, And Here’s How!

16 August 2016 No Comment

Now we all know that exercise is really good for your health and bla bla bla. But in case you’re a boss leading a team of unexceptional employees, did you know that exercise can help you become better at your job of leading them to success? Well, if not, then read on!

Goodbye morning coffee drama

Yea I know, it’s really hard to push yourself out of bed for an early morning jog while everyone’s still all comfy in their bed, but pozatrust me, it’s totally worth it. Exercise releases endorphin – a hormone that helps you feel energetic by giving your metabolism a kick start. This is of course a great way for some early morning employee motivation. You’ll hit your office on time and will manage your work and employees even better. No more running late to work because you got stuck at Starbucks, no more yelling at your secretary who ordered a cappuccino instead of an espresso, and definitely no more coffee spilling over important office work! Besides, you’re probably so used to having coffee every morning that it doesn’t work anymore. Try an early morning walk in the park instead.

Much needed discipline

The lack of discipline in a working environment does not only reflect unprofessionalism, but can also induce quite a bit of non-productivity if things are let too lose. And if you’re an undisciplined boss, well then, good luck with meeting timely deadlines and team goals! On the other hand, going to the gym after a tiring day at the office or even waking up early for a walk until it becomes a regular activity is a great way to instill some discipline into your life and working habits. In no time, you’ll realize that committing to a particular cause actually pays off in the long run. Moreover, when you’re disciplined yourself, it’ll be easier for you to set an example and discipline your subordinates as well.

Get smart

Scientists now assert that exercising for as little as 30 minutes a day is good enough to stimulate your grey matter and make you smarter. Exercise prevents brain decay and also reduces the risk on Alzheimer’s disease. So you won’t be forgetting targets, deadlines and important meetings. Moreover, exercising also makes you more energetic and responsive by improving your body’s metabolism and improving your preparatory skills and reflexes. You’ll be a lot more agile and budding with great ideas with a healthy brain at work.

Helps you chase your goals

Exercise is a competitive sport. But the competition doesn’t necessarily have to be between you and other gym-mates it can also be between your motivation to achieve your goals and your sloth! Be it a few simple exercises to do every day, losing weight, weight training, or building your biceps and traps, exercising regularly helps you to set physical goals and work towards achieving them. As you work towards them, you learn how important it is to reach professional goals as well.

Kills the stress

Anxiety makes horrible people and even more horrible bosses! If you’re constantly hung over all the shit that’s happening in your personal and professional life, it won’t be long before the cortisol flowing through your blood drives you crazy with rage forcing you to resort to some anger management. Going to the gym for an exercise routine, or even to the park for a quick sprint is a great way to take your mind off all of the stuff that’s’ causing you to become a stressed up mess. Not to mention, physical exercise itself is a great way to burn excess cortisol making you feel less stressed and more relaxed after a good sweating session. This way, you won’t be like a volcano just waiting to explode at an employee who kinda accidently had the wrong addresses in the ‘To’ bar.

A more confident you

Ok… so there’s nothing that boosts your confidence better than looking at a sexy you when you stand naked in front of your bathroom mirror – and click a selfie! Exercising regularly in and out of the gym helps you get into shape and fix you posture in case you’re a habitual sloucher. You start looking better and feeling better. And there’s no denying the fact that once you start feeling better about yourself, you’ll start to feel more confident about the way you do things and the decisions you make at the office. You’ll eventually become a more confident leader who can guide a team of subordinates in the right direction towards success.

And lastly… with the confidence and killer body, you’ll probably even get more sex… yes… a lot of it… enough to keep you happy, motivated, and being a better boss.

So how good looking is your boss?