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Thank you for your interest and for the time devoted to read the information on my blog.

My wish and intention are to develop continuing this site by adding valuable informationsupport.gif so that egodevelopment.com  become an instrument both for me and you , a way through which we try to reach what we  proposed in the first place: to start development for a perfect life. If you wish to support this project you can do it as it follows:


– read the posts , become a member by the RSS option, watch the blog evolution, any comments or observations on my blog or the posts content are welcome and will be consider.

– tell others about this project : egodevelopment.com , about the contents, about this site articles and its scope.

– if you wish to make a donation you can use the nearby button.Because the financial resources are limited any donation would be appreciated and used to future project development: for achieving books, for researching , site promotion, site hosting.


Thank you once again for your interest in this project and I am grateful for supporting the project: egodevelopment.com