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Choose Your Eye-Color Personality – People with Grey Eyes

16 January 2008 27 Comments

Eyes are the window to the soul.
Read the personality profiles below. Does the profile match yours according to the colour of your eyes?

1. BLUE EYES – Blue eyes are the most attractive and the most popular eye color. Blueeye-color2.jpg eyes are a recessive gene so natural baby blues are becoming rare. Since blue eyes are lighter than other eye colors, they attract more attention. People with blue eyes are pretty, adorable and sensitive. Blue eyes do all they can to make other people happy. People with blue eyes are kind, polite and happy company. People with blue eyes can remain calm under the most stressful circumstances.

– Light Blue Eyes: Peaceful with low physical endurance.

– Deep Blue Eyes: spiritual, intense computer loverz.

2. HAZEL EYES: Hazel eyes are a mixture of brown and green. These people go with the flow and can adapt to any situation. Hazel eyes say that you are spontaneous, fun loving, and sociable. If there is more brown your hazel eyes are, the more accessible you seem to others. The greener they are, the more mischievous you will seem. Haze eyes are a real treat because they tend to change color depending on your mood. People look at hazel eyes and think of unpredictability and amusing.

3. GREEN EYES: Green eyes are very rare and instantly hypnotize anyone who gazes into them. People with green eyes project freedom and mystery. Green eyes are definitely the sexiest of all eye colors. People with gray eyes are strong in nature and leaders. They are able to see both sides of an argument and settle disputes. Directness is their strong suit. Affectionate with facts about green eyed people  they are close, but keep their distance with new acquaintences until they have proven themselves trustworthy.

4. BROWN/BLACK EYES: People with brown and/or black eyes are thought of aseye color trustworthy and responsible. People seem to seek advice from people with brown eyes. People with brown eyes love to please. They are great lovers and they know how to make their partners feel special. Brown eyed people are practical, sensible and cautious too in nature.

5. Grey Eyes: People with gray eyes are strong in nature and leaders.They put the most passion into their relationships. People with gray eyes are creative and imaginative. They take romance very seriously and long for permanent love.

No matter what your eye color is, you will have stereotypes that come along with them. You were born with your natural eye color for a reason. Your eye color is unique and fits your personality so do not change a thing.

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  • Jim said:

    So what’s next? What is your personality by foot size? Sorry, but I think this kind of pseudo psychology does more harm than good.

  • Jan said:

    Well, I’m the brown eyed one…and I sure know some brilliant blue eyed men who fit everything it says. :-)

    Good article. I’d probably believe it just a little bit…:-)

  • Rahul singh said:

    Well a great article……

  • Armannd said:

    Won’t comment on all that has been written, but the reasoning that blue eyes are attractive because of their lighter color is partially wrong. It misses the essence (it’s like saying a Lamborghini is attractive because it is yellow).

    One of the real reasons why we find blue eyes more attractive than other eye colors is the fact that we can notice pupil dilation more easily because of the higher contrast. Why do we like that? Well, you’ll have to research it yourself. :)

    PS: This: “You were born with your natural eye color for a reason. Your eye color is unique and fits your personality so do not change a thing,” is wrong.

  • Winterborn said:

    I agree that psychological stereotypes can do more harm than good but then again you have to think about it, maybe its just showing the truth; I mean seriously, I have naturally dark brown eyes that change to a golden brown and black depending on my mood, but the stereotype here is completely true. Dont ask me how it started but I play psychologist to most of the people I know and I hate war, I wish for peace. I am quite cautious around people. The only thing is that I dont see myself as being responsible.

    The next thing I have to say is that I know a few people at my school who have colored contacts, and for some reason they liked this color more than any others so they chose it and strangly enough their personality seems to fit this new color, not the natural eye color.

    Think what you want, I’m not saying that it’s 100% true and its not 100% wrong, but there are some coincidences that just cant be explained.

    -Timothy “Winterborn” Salem

  • JJ said:

    Actually, i have hazel eyes, with more brown than green, and it fits me quite well. But it’s not always green and brown. i could be yellow and brown or all 3.

  • Jessyca said:

    Yea i dont beleive that the psycological grouping of the irises is harmful but i do beleive that this article is based more on opinion then facts i mean blue eyes being the most attractive a study group of mine are doing research on iridology and generally everyone has different taste like blue eyes are pretty for some but so not for others and the fact that green eyes are sexy my eyes are green and im a complete dork and my brothers eyes are blue and hes cute but my step brother who has brown eyes is far cuter so the attractiveness of the eye colors is pure opinion now if they were to say that brown eyes are typicaly more responsive than lighter eye colored people judged by repeated scientific test,surveys and stats that would be more logical…….btw im only 14 and i could make this lil passage sound more realistic and scientific

  • jen said:

    my eye color is green and blue and some times they change to turquise or mostly bright blue or mostly a lighter green it all depends on my moods i dont know why it is, i have tried to find an answer but no body really can tell me, so maybe you could help.

  • Courtney Richards said:

    i have blue eyes but they change to a blusish purple and bluish green but depends on my mood and season changes. I fit into blue and greens saying but i had brown eyes as a little little kid but they permently changed to blue.

  • Arrangemententer said:

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  • dan said:

    He didn’t say that blue eyes make you an attractive person – he said that blue eyes are generally more attractive.

    I have noticed that people with blue eyes ARE more spritual, kinder, happier, etc. Than those without blue eyes. Green eyes get my attention every time. Dark eyes are worn by those who are generally more mysterious (what I really wanted to say was people with black eyes seem a bit on the ‘untrustable’ side like they will f*ck you over).

    People with brown eyes have attitudes and people with hazel eyes go with the flow.

  • katie said:

    I have green eyes and this fits me to a tee. I dont like being so predictable lol. But green eyes and brown eyes are the most attratctive in my opinion.

  • MK said:

    I have brown eyes, and sometimes I don’t like them because they are so dull. There are times I wish I had green eyes just because they’re more lively. I don’t know. I don’t get too “sad” about it if I don’t think about it. The more I think about my eye color, the more I am likely to be displeased about my eyes. I find the description to be some-what true about Brown-eyed people, but I don’t think colors really say anything about a person. They’re just colors. Colors are either exciting or dull to a person. Apparently Brown seems like a dull and boring color to many people.

    Dan, you are right about one thing. Brown eyes people do have attitude, and I do have an attitude problem, haha. Interestingly enough.

  • Nina100 said:

    I got green eyes Im very arguemetive and like knowing Im right yet in the winter they turn dark grey or even black I think of myself as natural and hot tempered leader naturaly I think Im a hot shot! although as a baby I was an albino [Pinkish red eyes] Yet I do have anger issues and one bit to me

  • jessica said:

    I have hazel eyes and yeah, I am very social like the description says, though. So funny because I used to have brown, but the brown description sounds nothing like me.

    @ MK: brown eyes aren’t dull! They can be pretty too.

  • Lucy said:

    What about the billions of Asians and maybe Africans who all have black/very dark brown eyes? Does that mean they all have the same personality? Caucasians with differing eye colors are not the only people in the world…

  • Courtni Woods said:

    Well my eyes are light blue and change to deep blue. Everyone loves my eyes. Everyone always say they want my eyes. But I lovce my eye color.

  • Courtni Woods said:

    My eyes are either light blue or deep blue. they always change into one or the other. Everyone wants my eye color. But I love my eye color its BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! :)

  • ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo said:


  • Anwar Dar said:

    why ALL africans have black colored eyes …….whether they have all dominant traits like hieght eye color . if it is true why they r not dominant in the whole world……….

  • Him said:

    My eyes are normally gray, they change to a pale blue which changes to a teal color which changes to a deep blue, which rarely turns black, all depending on my mood and the time of day, also my eyes are often different colors, say one eye is deep blue and one is teal

  • mj said:

    i have green eyes that changes to light brown it depends on my mood

  • Sherry said:

    I have green eyes everything is true about what it says. My bf has baby blue eyes it described him perfectly.

  • Jae said:

    I have, grey and blue eyes. They tend to Change color during the summer. And it also all depends on what my mood is. I love the color of my eyes.

  • Valerie said:

    I have silver-grey eyes. A leader, I am not!

  • Samar said:

    well,,that’s weird..it IS true,,but there r 2 things that r rlly true abt me..i was born with grey eyes,but when i started growing up,my eyes became hazel…and i am actually a mixture in this personality thing

  • Lea said:

    I have very vivid green eyes and my personality matches very closely to what they say-it’s really cool! Hooray for me for having sexy eyes!

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