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Cheap Powerful Marketing Tools: How to Create Attention-Getting Business Card

22 August 2013 No Comment


Your business card can be the most cost-effective and efficient method of marketing and packs a large punch in a small amount of space. The smaller size actually benefits you, as it allows for carrying tiny billboards in your pocket. If your mini-billboards are properly maintained and utilized, they can be an extremely profitable marketing tool.

Here are most vital ways to supercharge your business card into a powerful affair tool:

Basic elements of Business Cards

– Logo – have a professional designer make your affair logo. If you grant products or services that can be represented with a symbol (ie, house painter, home designer, restaurant, dog grooming benefit), the logo must suggest that product or benefit in some way.

– Name of Party not every type of affair card has to have the name of the party but it’s a nice personalized touch. In a large organization it can be beneficial to the recipient to have the name of a point person to contact. The name is usually the most prominent text constituent of a affair card.

– Job Title of Party is not a required constituent, some entrepreneurs or sole proprietors might include “Head” or “CEO” or some other title to give the advent of a better organization.

– Name of Affair or Organization a affair card nearly always has a affair or organization name on it. The name of the party or the name of the affair or organization is usually the most prominent text constituent of a affair card.

– Take up a corporal take up or a mailing take up or both are typical parts of a affair card. If the company does affair exclusively online or by mail, a corporal take up might not be a key constituent to include. If both a corporal and a mailing take up are included, it may be desirable to mark each one.

– Phone Digit(s) manifold numbers are typically listed in order of voice, fax, cell but you can omit any numbers that are not the preferred method of phone contact. Don’t not dredge up the area and/or country codes and extension.

– Email Take up & Web Page Take up
Including an email take up is an vital constituent for Web-based businesses but other businesses or organizations might omit this form of contact unless it is one of their preferred methods of contact. Also web addresses can be listed with or lacking the http:// preceding the URL.

– Tagline or Description of Affair a tagline or brief description can be useful when the affair name is to some extent confusing or doesn’t clearly convey what the affair does. Taglines can also convey repayment and facial appearance.

– List of Services or Products a long list will usually mess up a standard size affair card but when using two-sided or folded affair cards a bullet list of services offered or main product lines can proffer the usefulness of the affair card.

Powerful Tips Using Business Cards:

  • – Keep your business cards with you at all times. Keep a stack in your car, in your house, in your office, and in your wallet.
  • – When giving away your card, give two or three at a time, so that your contacts can in turn distribute them to other people. This will not only help you distribute them faster, but will generate a beneficial “endorsing effect”.
  • – Scan your card and use it as an attachment to emails.
  • – Don’t give your business card too quickly. It may be perceived as pushy. Try to establish a conversation with your prospect first. For example, ask them what do they do. That will usually prompt them to give you their card. That is the perfect moment to give them yours.
  • Insert a business card when mailing bill payments. Bills contain advertisements. Why can’t you advertise your skills or services the same way’ Insert a business card with your payment.
  • – If you have a mobile phone number or a direct phone number that is not listed in your business card, write it at the back of your card before handing it out, and tell your prospect that you are giving them your direct number. This will make your card more important.
  • -If somebody gives you their business card, you should give them yours in return.
  • – Take good care of your business cards. Keep them clean and crisp in a cardholder. Don’t give away cards that are bent or damaged.
  • – Collect all the business cards you can find, even if you don’t need them. Together, they will act as an “idea file” that will provide you with valuable tips that you can use to design your business cards.

And never forget: Business cards are one of the most powerful and inexpensive marketing tools you can use .