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[9 Dec 2011 | 8 Comments | ]
How to Achieve a Realistic and Healthy Goal Weight?

When you want to achieve a realistic and healthy goal weight, you need to consider and do the following: keep track of your weight loss progress and set a realistic goal weight.
In your quest for a leaner body, it is necessary that you aim for a healthy one. To do so, you have to ensure that you carry out these important ways in order to achieve a realistic and healthy goal weight:
Keep track of your weight loss progress
Oftentimes, you may feel disappointed realizing that your weight has remained the same …

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[10 Aug 2010 | No Comment | ]
Advantages and Disadvantages of Weight Loss Surgery

People who want to undergo weight loss surgery should first be aware of four important things about it such as the types of weight loss surgery and how they affect the body’s digestive functions, its advantages, and potential adverse effects and risks involved.
Weight loss surgery is fast becoming a trend. Thousands of people in the United States alone pursue this medical treatment every year. Weight loss surgery might be a tempting option for those suffering from obesity. Just as weight loss surgery is becoming popular, information about it is now …