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[6 Jul 2015 | Comments Off on Speed thinking: How fast is thinking? | ]
Speed thinking: How fast is thinking?

Because we are curious creatures, constantly ask ourselves questions about how things work. Scientists were able to determine the speed of light, sound and rotation of the Earth around the Sun, but how fast is it going?
To quantify the speed of any, it must be identified at the start and the end.Thought to be defined in this context as mental activity performed by the reception of sensory information by the time of initiating the action. This definition excludes many of the experiences and processes that we think thoughts, according to Mashable …

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[24 Apr 2015 | Comments Off on How Safe Is Train Travel? Train Accidents Statistics | ]
How Safe Is Train Travel? Train Accidents Statistics

Train accidents happen for many reasons.  Railroad crossings may be littered with debris, rail lines may be obstructed, mechanism failure, or simple human error can be at fault when a train derails or slams into a car.  Whenever there is a train wreck, serious personal injuries can occur due to the massive bulk and weight of trains.  The extensive damage caused by train and railroad accidents can cause great losses of property and human life.
In a statistical study released by the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), …

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[31 Mar 2015 | Comments Off on Eye Color and Your Personality and Character | ]
Eye Color and Your Personality and Character

Eyes are the window to your soul. Shape and size are factors into how others perceive your eyes, but the first thing people notice about your eyes is their color. The connotation of eye colors does say enough about a person. Eye colors are categorized into just a few types: brown, blue, green, and hazel. No two people have the strict same eye color but no matter which eye color group you fit into, your eye blush says a lot about you.
Here we’ll look at what your eye color might …

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[15 Oct 2013 | Comments Off on What Does Green Eyes Say About Your Personality? | ]
What Does Green Eyes Say About Your Personality?

      The connotation of eye colors does say enough about a person. But then again it is more about the genetics you inherit. Personalities of individual to individual are dissimilar and it is definitely not about eye colors only. It might be true to certain level that the color of your eye may have an huge impact on your personality but again it is all about your own personal life as well. The mention traits below are simple observations and do not specifically points to the fact that …

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[15 Jul 2013 | Comments Off on Best Booking Channels for Barcelona Hotels | ]
Best Booking Channels for Barcelona Hotels

Barcelona is an incredible city with many things to do and visit. So, Barcelona can be one of the Europe nicest cities to visit. In Barcelona you can find a lot of museums, theatres, art galleries and nightlife are of an impressive high standard.
On bookingchannels.com portal, you will find best Barcelona Hotels, complete tourist information, restaurants lists, many events, interesting attractions, maps and more. When was the most recent time that you wandered through a town that literally breathed artistic inspiration? Try to visit Barcelona – a cosmopolitan Mediterranean town …

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[14 Aug 2012 | Comments Off on She has a blog: Olive Riley, 107 year old – Australia’s – “Star of the Internet” | ]

Olive Riley, a remarkable 107-year-old great-great-grandmother living in an aged care hostel at Woy Woy, 50 miles (80km) north of Sydney, has won

instant fame as the oldest of the world’s 68.9 million Internet bloggers. She is 12 years older than Spain’s Señora Maria Amélia, the previous titleholder.

“This might be the new star of the internet,” Jean-François Berthet, who lives in Paris, wrote in his blog 365 Days. “Her name is Olive, she is Australian and she has a blog where with the help of Mike, she tells us …

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[15 Jun 2012 | Comments Off on Relationship between Eye Color and IQ Intelligence | ]
Relationship between Eye Color and IQ Intelligence

The color of your eyes could decide your achievements in life, say scientists.
They declare those with blue eyes are more likely to sparkle academically than those with brown eyes. They are smarter and gain more qualifications because they study more effectively and perform superior in exams.
This discovery might help explain the success of such distinct individuals as Einstein, Car Sagan, Stephen Hawking,Bell, Tesla. InEstonia, 99% of people have blue eyes, Eiberg says. InDenmark30 years ago, only 8% of the population had brown eyes, though through immigration, today that number is …

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[6 Jan 2012 | Comments Off on Final Frontier! Marriages between humans and robots ! | ]

Data: [using profanity for the first time] Oh, shit! (Star Trek: Generations )


Humans could marry robots within the century. And consummate those vows.
“My forecast is that around 2050, the state of Massachusetts will be the first jurisdiction to legalize marriages with robots,” artificial intelligence researcher David Levy at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands told LiveScience. Levy recently completed his Ph.D. work on the subject of human-robot relationships, covering many of the privileges and practices that generally come with marriage as well as outside of …

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[30 Dec 2011 | Comments Off on Extreme Coffee: Seeds Spit By Monkeys Used For Flavor Coffee | ]

Coffee connoisseurs are going ape for a rare brew that Taiwanese farmers are producing with the help of monkeys.

The monkeys live high in Taiwan‘s mountains. They enjoy eating the fruity flesh on coffee beans, but they’re not too fond of the seeds. …

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[30 Dec 2011 | Comments Off on Do you know? Super Glue Can Heal Wounds | ]

During the Vietnam War, emergency medics began using the all-purpose glue to seal battle wounds in troops headed for surgery. It can be said that doctors did save many lives through using superglue to close a wound because it gave them time to transport patients to M.A.S.H. units where they could have needed surgery.

Using superglue to close a wound is possible, but not advisable. While using over the counter superglue to close a wound would work, it also may produce extreme skin irritation and skin death when purchased in over …

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[23 Dec 2011 | Comments Off on Great Tips to know when Buy a Used Car | ]

This year, more than 16 million Americans will buy a used car. If that’s what you are planning, this guide may help you.

It explains your protections under the FTC’s Used Car Rule and offers some shopping suggestions, even if you are not buying from a usedcar dealer.

Before you begin looking at used cars, think about what car models and options you want and how much you are able or willing to spend. You can learn about car models, options, and prices by reading newspaper ads, both display and classified.

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[20 Dec 2011 | Comments Off on Upgrade your smell: How to Choose a Perfume | ]

Your scent should be a reflection of your personality. With so many products on the market, how do you know which one to choose?
The choice of fragrances and scents seems to grow wider every day, as manufacturers fight for our attention and try ever harder to distinguish their offerings from the competition. With such a selection to choose from, how does one even begin to know where to start when it comes to buying perfume?

Broadly speaking, all perfumes fall …

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[12 Dec 2011 | Comments Off on Top 15 countries ”best place to live” | ]
Top 15 countries  ”best place to live”

The United Nations has released its 2009 Human Development Index (HDI). The index uses three major factors to compare countries on how they treat their own citizens. The countries rated highest are generally considered the best countries to live in.

The factors considered in computing the index are health, knowledge and standard of living. Health is determined by life expectancy at birth. Knowledge is measured by a combination of the adult literacy rate and the gross school enrollment ratio. Standard of living is arrived at by the Gross Domestic Product per …

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[6 Dec 2011 | Comments Off on Top 10 Scientific Discoveries of 2009 | ]
Top 10 Scientific Discoveries of 2009

Here are the top 10 scientific discoveries of 2009, according to Time magazine:

Our Oldest Ancestor, “Ardi” With her long, elegant fingers, 4-ft. frame and a head no larger than a bonobo’s, it’s hard not to feel a certain fondness for little Ardi, the oldest skeleton of a prehuman hominid ever found. Painstakingly pieced together from more than 100 crushed fossil fragments unearthed in Ethiopia, this female specimen …

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[16 Aug 2010 | Comments Off on 4 Main Goals of Taoist Meditation | ]
4 Main Goals of Taoist Meditation

1. Discovery of Chi
Long ago it was discovered that the most effective way to observe the subtle workings of the Tao and the inner nature of men and women was through quieting the mind in sitting meditation. It was the practice of sitting meditation that revealed the existence of Chi as a subtle electromagnetic force flowing within the body The pathways the Chi followed revealed the meridian system of the human body.
2. The Body is composed of Three Parts.
Through such meditation the early Taoists developed a greater refinement and increased …

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[16 Dec 2009 | Comments Off on 100 All Time Greatest Christmas Songs | ]
100 All Time Greatest Christmas Songs

It’s Christmas time.., I’m dreaming.We hope your festive favorite is on our top 100 list, and we wish you all a very merry Christmas…
Rank    Song    Artist
1    White Christmas    Bing Crosby
2    The Chipmunk Song    The Chipmunks
3    Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer    Gene Autry
4    I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus    Jimmy Boyd
5    Jingle Bell Rock    Bobby Helms
6    The Christmas Song    Nat King Cole
7    Snoopy’s Christmas    The Royal Guardsmen
8    Here Comes Santa Claus    Gene Autry
9    Little Drummer Boy    Harry Simeone Chorale
10    Donde Esta Santa Claus    Augie Rios
11    Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree    Brenda …

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[14 Apr 2009 | Comments Off on Amazing Healthy Properties of the Pyramid Effect | ]
Amazing Healthy Properties of the Pyramid Effect

The pyramid effect is an interesting and mysterious phenomenon. In recent years, Pyramidology has experienced resurgence in popularity. The pyramid shape itself is being seen as a supernatural source of power or energy.

The most common effects that specialists say happen to them when they are under the pyramid are:

1. As health aid:

– The endocrine system is regulated; there are experiences from important corrections in immunodeficiency problems to disappearance of diseases related to he himself.
– Energizer, relaxative and psico-regulator. There is not “magic effects” outside the Nature, because nothing escapes to …

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[24 Feb 2009 | Comments Off on 6 Love Types: What is Your Types Of Love? | ]
6 Love Types: What is Your Types Of Love?

Researchers used a version of the Love Attitude Scale, a quiz that asks people to describe how much they agree with various descriptions of love. Love Buzz found several versions of the quiz online. They include statements like “If you are going to love a person, you will ‘know’ after a short time” and “I could get over an affair with my partner pretty easily and quickly.”
The quiz shows how much you accept six types of love: Eros, Pragma, Banquet, Mania, Ludus and Storge. Yes, they sound like exotic birds …

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[9 Feb 2009 | Comments Off on How to Make an Aphrodisiac Perfume for Valentine’s Night? | ]

 Perfumes have a strong impact on human mind. It regulates sexual behavior, emotional responses, reduces stress and also affects memory. Making homemade aphrodisiac perfumes would be very special and romantic. Traditional perfume was looked at magical love potion. So, with Valentine’s Day approaching, why not use the wonderful aromas of essential oils, some of which have reputed aphrodisiac properties, to create the right sort of atmosphere and spice up your love life?
Remember it is important that both of you enjoy the smells you are …

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[4 Nov 2008 | Comments Off on Top 20 Funny Barak Obama vs John McCain Caricatures | ]

Funny Caricatures of the Two Candidates in US Election Competition .

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[31 Oct 2008 | Comments Off on Men Prefer Blondes for Girlfriends and Fun…. but Brunettes are Better Wives | ]

Most men believe blondes make the best girlfriends – but would rather marry a brunette, according to a new study.
Almost one in five say blondes are sexier than other girls, with just under half saying they had more outgoing personalities.
In total, 52 per cent of men said they would rather marry a dark haired woman because they are more dependable and sensible – whereas only 18 per cent think blondes would make good wives.
Hairdresser Andrew Collinge, whose brand carried out the poll, said: ‘Our research shows just how much men …

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[22 Oct 2008 | Comments Off on If plants can write a blog, what will they say? – First blog of the plant | ]

Kayak has just launched the site of botanical bloggin. They say any fool can be a blogger and, judging by the standard of writing on some big-name sites, who’s to argue? Still, we bet no one ever guessed Japan’s latest online star would be a humble pot plant.

The plant is question is a Sweetheart Hoya that goes by the name of Midori on the eponymous blog ‘Kyo no Midori-san‘ (‘Ms Midori Today’), where it really does seem to be contributing its thoughts.
Electrical feelings
Midori can be found at Bowls Café …

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[8 Aug 2008 | Comments Off on How Would You Spend the Last Day of Your Life? | ]

What happens if you found out that the next 24 hours will be the last of your life, how would you live it?

– Would you spend the rest of your life having meaningful moments with yourself and the people around you?
– Or maybe would you eat great food, drink, dance or listen good music.
– Or to you want to make sex with your love?
I believe that people should live everyday of their life like it is their last. To live in a world where people take nothing for granted would be a …

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[28 May 2008 | Comments Off on Breasts shape and size used to predict women personalities | ]

An Italian sex researcher-  Piero Lorenzoni- claims he can tell a woman’s personality from the size and shape of her breasts.

According to German newspaper Bild sexologist Piero Lorenzoni said: “A woman’s breasts denote a woman’s character, just like her star sign.”

He has categorised breast types according to fruits and says men can draw up their own horoscope-type chart that indicates what a woman’s chest size says about her.

The fruity chart starts naturally with the traditional melon. According to Lorenzoni, a woman with large, round breasts like a melon may appear …

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[10 Mar 2008 | Comments Off on Your Car Color Shows Your Personality | ]

In Great Britain there was actually some study done that suggested that the color of your car says something about your personality type. And accordingly, based on your personality type, your likeliness to be involved in an accident (in the UK at least). That research showed that black cars are twice as likely to be involved in crashes as cream-color cars. Whether this is true in the United States is unclear.

Black. Black cars denote an aggressive personality or someone who’s an outsider or rebel. This sexy shade represents authority and …