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[23 Oct 2014 | No Comment | ]
Funny Halloween Car and Truck Decorations

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Do you like to decorate your car for Halloween?
Here are 8 Halloween car decoration ideas, both scary and fun, for this year’s trunk or treating festivities:

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[21 Aug 2013 | 15 Comments | ]

Laughter activates the chemistry of the will to live and increases our capacity to fight disease. Laughing relaxes the body and reduces problems associated with high blood pressure, strokes, arthritis, and ulcers. Some research suggests that laughter may also reduce the risk of heart disease. Historically, research has shown that distressing emotions (depression, anger, anxiety, and stress) are all related to heart disease. A study done at the University of Maryland Medical Center suggests that a good sense of humor and the ability to laugh at stressful situations helps mitigate …

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[29 Feb 2012 | One Comment | ]
Healthy Benefits of Laughing

Laughing provides a lot of health benefits for the mind and body; particularly the immune and cardiovascular systems. Laughing is also one of the fastest methods of relaxation, known to quickly decrease stress and the physical and mental illnesses associated with stress. As well, laughing is a great form of exercise that burns calories just like a workout.

– Laughter reduces the levels of certain hormones, namely cortisol, growth hormone, epinephrine and dopac, which are associated with stress response. Thus it helps relieve stress, depression, anxiety, grief, anger …

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[4 Nov 2008 | 6 Comments | ]

Funny Caricatures of the Two Candidates in US Election Competition .

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[31 Oct 2008 | No Comment | ]

Most men believe blondes make the best girlfriends – but would rather marry a brunette, according to a new study.
Almost one in five say blondes are sexier than other girls, with just under half saying they had more outgoing personalities.
In total, 52 per cent of men said they would rather marry a dark haired woman because they are more dependable and sensible – whereas only 18 per cent think blondes would make good wives.
Hairdresser Andrew Collinge, whose brand carried out the poll, said: ‘Our research shows just how much men …

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[13 Nov 2007 | 2 Comments | ]

In today’s character stakes, nothing is more highly valued than a sense of humor. We seek it out in others and are proud to claim it in ourselves, perhaps even more than good looks or intelligence. If someone has a great sense of humor type, we reason, it means that they are happy, socially confident and have a healthy perspective on life.

Here are names and descriptions of the varieties of comic expression:They are affiliative humor, self-enhancing humor, aggressive humor and self-defeating humor.

Self-Enhancing Humor:

This style of humor is usually used as …