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[13 Aug 2013 | No Comment | ]
10 Things Her Body Is Telling You by Body Language Signs

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They’re sometimes subtle , body language signs, but to the initiated man, these changes in physiology are signs of what she’s thinking and feeling.

If she’s feeling stimulated by you (not just sexually), her pupils will dilate. that’s because her body is programmed to want to see more of whatever’s exciting her, so her brain tells her irises to let in more light. Bonus: As the inkiness spreads, she’ll start looking better to you, too. Research shows that men rate women with larger pupils as more attractive. …

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[26 Jun 2013 | No Comment | ]
Detecting Lies: 10 Subtle Body Language Signs of Lying

 It is human nature to lie. Lies are spoken everyday, by the people you see at work, your family and your friends. The following techniques to telling if someone is lying are often used by police, and security experts on body language signs. This knowledge is also useful for managers, employers, and for anyone to use in everyday situations where telling the truth from a lie can help prevent you from being a victim of fraud/scams and other deceptions. 

A person who is lying to you will avoid making eye contact. …

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[6 Jan 2012 | No Comment | ]
How to Read Body Language Signals

If the eyes are the windows of the soul, then the body is the mirror of our emotions. If we are feeling great it shows in how we hold and use our body.
Conversely, if we look at someone else’s body we can often tell how they are feeling by the signals their body is giving.
Body Language Signal and signs of lying:
• Open arms:
o Energetically open and possibly feeling vulnerable
o A good way to show you are approachable, especially when
combined with open palms
• Palms up/open hands:
o Defences down
o An open heart
• …

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[22 Mar 2010 | No Comment | ]
Body Language : What Hands and Arms  Say About People

Reading palms is not just about the lines on your hand. After the face, hands probably the best source of body language.

There are a few basic rules you have to remember when looking at hand gestures:

–  Open palms (when you can see the palms of someones hands) suggests openness, honesty, and a liking, whilst closed palms(when you can see the back of someone’s hands) suggests that they may be hiding something, are closed to your ideas, or are feeling like they are in authority.
– Closed palm gestures are used …