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[22 Aug 2013 | 10 Comments | ]

We all desire happiness. What does “happiness” mean?
Happiness itself can be defined in many different ways, it may have all kinds of components, it may be a life’s work, or even no work at all, but we are, most of us, in pursuit of this elusive goal.

We experience happiness on four different levels. Each of us makes choices day by day about happiness. The choice will be to make either happiness level 1, 2, 3, or 4 our identity.
Happiness Level 1 (laetus) :
Happiness in a thing. This kind of …

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[25 Jul 2013 | One Comment | ]

“Emotional Intelligence (EI), often measured as an Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ), describes an ability, capacity, or skill to perceive, assess, and manage the emotions of one’s self, of others, and of groups. It is a relatively new area of psychological research. The definition of EI is constantly changing.”   <Wikipedia>

What is “EQ” and how do you measure it?
IQ is a measure of one’s cognitive abilities, and has been quantified and validated by scientists since the first decades of this century. IQ measures spatial and mathematical reasoning, verbal comprehension, information and memory.
To …

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[11 Apr 2013 | No Comment | ]
Top Ten Smartest People in the World Ever

IQ tests decide intelligence or smartest of people. The people with top IQ level are world’s intelligence people. We have come up with top 10 people with highest IQ record in the humanity. These people are truly smart and have the capability to solve hard problems in seconds. There is a enormous problem in calculating intelligence because there are certain factors that are involved in it. Some are just more intelligent than the others, and some just have IQ levels that the simple mind cannot fathom. One cannot help but …


[3 Aug 2012 | No Comment | ]
How To Find Out What To Do In Life

You may already be familiar with the 80/20 rule, but in case your not, it states
that 80% of your results come from 20% of your activities.
In sales this can be found as 80% of thesales coming from 20% of the sales
people, or in business as 80% of the market share belonging to 20% of the  companies.
The 80/20 rule shows us that in order to be successful (and receive
the rewards associated with that success) you must be extremely good
at what you do.
A Commitment To Excellence
People who reach the top 20% make …


[11 Apr 2012 | No Comment | ]

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scotts® for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


With the Scotts® Snap® Spreader Systemyou can feed your grass!  The Scotts® Snap® Spreader System is different than your old handheld spreader in so several ways.  It is a no mess, no guess spreader gadget.  You connect the Snap Pac directly on to the spreader.  You don’t even have to open the heavy bag or pour it in, so there is no spilling or wasting.  The system has an auto-set flow rate …


[5 Feb 2012 | No Comment | ]

This post brought to you by Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.


Do you currently lack or have insufficient prescription drug treatment?

Then Walgreens Prescription Savings Club might be a helpful aid for you and your family.The Walgreens Prescription Savings Club offers savings on over 8,000 brand name and all generic medications! Not only do you receive discount prices on your prescriptions, but you also get Bonuses when you purchase Walgreens brand products and photofinishing services as well as discounts on flu shots, nebulizers, diabetic supplies and even pet medication.

Walgreens is …

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[10 Dec 2011 | 4 Comments | ]
4 Keys of the Charisma

Please become itself charismatic? Please be admired to you, respected, be listened, appreciated, like are people who have charisma? Follow the guide, and discover the 4 keys of the charisma.

The charisma, it is one of these concepts that it is difficult to define with words, but which one undoubtedly recognition when it is seen. Here the definition of the charisma by the dictionary:
Charisma, (Greek): A special divine gift which endows the recipient with a supernatural ability to know and proclaim the will of God. In short, a pipeline from …


[20 Sep 2011 | No Comment | ]
5 Efficient Approaches to Trim and Tone Your Own Stomach

Besides being healthy, plenty of people wish to have washboard abs while soaking in the summertime sun. To accomplish this, do sit ups everyday , maintain a well balanced diet, exercise regularly, train with weights and stay positive.
With summertime just around the corner, it’s just the right time to make a life style change and get a flat, toned tummy along the way. You’ll be strutting around in that attractive bikini in no time with these tips:
Do ab crunches every day
To be able to tone your stomach, you first need …


[2 Feb 2011 | 2 Comments | ]
Main Goal Setting For Personal Development

The benefits of on the rise as a person and building constant upgrade of personality is an innate part of us as human persons. Everybody wants to grow more and more and one’s definition of personal development by the side of with a list of personal skills, goal plotting for use in your personal development is of fantastic significance. Success your potential personal and professional development becomes more and more essential as time goes by as everybody wants to get better in his or her life as much as possible.
Now …

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[21 Jul 2009 | 3 Comments | ]
Inspirational and Positive Thinking Quotes

“One of the redeeming things about being an athlete is redefining what is humanly possible.” – Lance Armstrong

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” – Nelson Mandela

“The mind is like a river; upon its waters thoughts float through in a constant procession every conscious moment. You stand on a bridge over it and can stop and turn back any thought that comes along. The art …