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About : egodevelopment.com

This site is a personal project that has as a purpose the way to find inside yourself personal power that can change everything for reaching the perfect life. Personal development and investing in your person is the most profitable investment to do.

All the posts from this site are meant to be an open book from which me and those that read it could learn and train towards success.


Human EGO is the source of all problems , conflicts and fears . If you want to evolution.gif find out the answer for the question : ” Who am I ? ” do not ask anyone else. Ask your essence. From there everything goes.



Through personal development it is made the link between our EGO and the surrounding world. We all wish to grow satisfaction and success in our personal carrier , to reach happiness and peace in our personal and family life as everyone desire but few find it … Making this journey together – a journey that is not too easy to make – you will discover right inside yourself the personal power that can change everything.

This only because you can do much more , you only have to find out how !

About me:

Hy! My name is Andy , I am 36 years old and I live in a mountainous town near Timisoara2.gifRomania ( Europe). I am married and I have  two wonderful kids: a daughter and a son. I work in the field of environment protection. I have a a degree (BS) in a technical field , many specialization courses and a master. I am passionate to read and study articles about: philosophy , personal development , health – spa medicine , environment protection. I wish to share , to give my ideas and personal experience in order to show the way for a better life , a perfect life !

– sign: Aquarius

– favorite color: blue

– favorite verb: to know

– favorite book: Ernest Hemingway : The old man and the sea

– favorite song: ABBA : The winner takes it all

– favorite actor: Robert de Niro

– favorite animal: Saint Bernard ( dog)

– sport , passions: ski, parachutism, automobiles.

You are welcome on my blog , thank you for your visiting, reading and supporting !