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7 Types of Motivation

8 February 2010 No Comment

There are a lot of motivation types, and they all can serve different purposes in your life.

The different types of motivation provide different strengths and skills, so it is optimal to have a wide variety of motivations and sources of motivation.

Here are the 7 main types of motivation:

1. Self-Improvement Motivationmotivation

If you believe the task at hand will improve your character, appearance or financial condition and these self-improvements are highly desirable to you, you will experience significant motivation to perform even unpleasant parts of the process necessary to reach the goal. How desirable the end improvements are to you will determine the level of motivation you will experience.

2. Achievement Motivation

It is the drive to pursue and attain goals. An individual with achievement motivation wishes to achieve objectives and advance up on the ladder of success. Here, accomplishment is important for its own shake and not for the rewards that accompany it. It is similar to ‘Kaizen’ approach of Japanese Management.

3. Internal Motivation

On the other hand, there are other less-visible types of motivation.

It would be a mistake to say that such behaviour does not come without its own rewards. To be more precise, the end goal is not a visible or external thing, but more internal and psychological. The achievement of these goals like motivational interviewing- by itself also correctly seen as a reward – is in general not visible to other persons.

4. Affiliation Motivation

It is a drive to relate to people on a social basis. Persons with affiliation motivation perform work better when they are complimented for their favorable attitudes and co-operation.

5. Competence Motivation

It is the drive to be good at something, allowing the individual to perform high quality work. Competence motivated people seek job mastery, take pride in developing and using their problem-solving skills and strive to be creative when confronted with obstacles. They learn from their experience.

6. Power Motivation motivation2

It is the drive to influence people and change situations. Power motivated people wish to create an impact on their organization and are willing to take risks to do so.

7. Attitude Motivation

Attitude motivation is how people think and feel. It is their self confidence, their belief in themselves, their attitude to life. It is how they feel about the future and how they react to the past.